Save Pioneer Park

The Northern Corridor cuts a freeway off the backside of Pioneer Park — essentially redlining St. George’s beloved Dixie Rock.

Where does the Northern Corridor go?

The Northern Corridor cuts through the center of St. George’s Red Cliffs National Conservation Area — setting precedent for road building in NCA’s across the country.

What happens to Pioneer Park?

The Northern Corridor destroys the ambiance of St. George’s Pioneer Park. It boxes-in the park with yet another freeway. Take your viewshed of Signal and Burger Peaks and stick a bulldozer in it. The Northern Corridor turns Pioneer Park from the edge of the wilderness into the center of suburbia.

What are we losing?

St. George’s greatest asset is its open space. The view from Pioneer Park to the Pine Valleys is our ocean vista. Our economy is dependent on an uninterrupted Red Cliffs Reserve. People move to St. George (and give us their impact fees) because of the access to open space. As much as we love the tortoise, the Red Cliffs NCA was also set aside to protect us from ourselves — to keep us from doing something incredibly stupid like, say, paving over our greatest asset.

Without the Red Cliffs NCA, we give up what is best about St. George — our city buttressing the red rocks, buttressing the mountains. Put a road through it? Move back to California.

Northern Corridor Red Cliffs
Open Access?

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