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Busting the Commissioner’s Myths

You may have recently received an email from Washington County encouraging you as a local to comment in favor of the Northern Corridor. This email provided 4 “myths” and the Commissioners’ explanations to dispel your concerns and show you that everything is hunky-dory. Well, let’s take a look. Quoted from email: “Myth #1: Dig first,Continue reading “Busting the Commissioner’s Myths”

Dear Southern Utah

Dear Southern Utah, Hi. It’s me again, Uncle Knux. Come on in, find a comfy spot, this might be a long one. As per the usual, we’ll have refreshments when we’re done and there’s beer in the cooler. We need to chat about a few things. Some of them you may have never heard ofContinue reading “Dear Southern Utah”

Northern Corridor Red Cliffs

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